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Christian, Conservative, Retired Army Colonel, Owner of His Way Farms. What matters most is my relationship with Christ, family, our Nation. All three are blended in an effort to advance a political cause as established by our Founding Fathers, ordained by God Himself, advocated for by many men and women who contributed, often in blood, to a blessed nation characterized by freedom and liberty. No effort today is too great to ensure we keep the blessings entrusted to us by God Almighty and protected by those before us. We are at a crucial time, not unlike the mid 1700’s and 1800’ where the very character of our Nation was questioned. Our Nation has faced great enemies and continuing challenges of World Wars, Regional Conflict and not failed, we must not fail now! Perhaps the political challenges of today rivals the most significant of all conflicts as the "enemy" is among us threatening our every fiber. Let us all redouble our efforts to look to Him as we have never done so before!! Keep Praying

Don Jenkins
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