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Jan and I bought our home in Carroll County a little more than 7 years ago. We found a Church within a month. We became part of Mount Zion Family the first day we walked into the building. We were not going to physically move here for another 2 years. With love we were called Yankee's. We would come here on long weekends, vacation and bring furniture and do projecs around the place to make it ours. When we finaly moved here, our first Sunday at Church we were told we are not Yankees anymore. Our new moniker now is Damn Yankee. We accepted it with a smile. Over the next 5 years we got involved in the Church, became ushers at the Dixie Theater, joined The Small Town Cruisers. Have gone to all of the County Commissioner and Huntingdon Council meetings. We work at the Election Commission during voting season. We joined the Rebublican Party early on. Became The Chairman of The Carroll County Republican Party two years ago. Jan has been The Secretary for almost 3 years by then. These are just a few of the things we do around the area and because we are retired we have the time and it keeps our brain cells working. A couple of things have happen in the past months that makes me sure I'm on the right track, Some movers and shakers in the county have said to Jan and me with all the things we do around here "It's as if we have lived here all our lives" and last month some friends called and said a double wide trailer is going to be installed just down the road and we have to come and watch. Not having anything to do, we got in our truck and got ourselves a parking space in the field across the road where all the action was to take place. It was just like going to the Drive-in. There was a boat load of cars and the screen was 2 halfs of a double wide. One of our Church members came over to us and said "You are not Damn Yankees any more, you now Tennessee Hillbilly's". Now I know we have made it.

Late in 2019 I attempted to get all the West Tennessee on the same page and have a bigger voice in Nashville. Well, before I could get anything off the ground the Wuhan Virus hit. I believe God had a plan when The Humphery County Republican Party voted Wayne Miller as their Chairman. He got a hold of me not long after he got voted in and had the idea of a Coalition of Conservative County's and it went fron an idea to reality. Jan and I travel to central and west Tennessee County Republican Party meetings. I report back to all of you what we have seen and heard. We have been pleased to meet great folks with real conservative values. Always remember, there are more of us then them.

Cyril Ostiguy
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