Our ByLaws

By-laws of the Conservative

Coalition of Counties

Created May 20, 2021


Article l. Name of organization

The name of the organization shall be "Conservative Coalition of Counties" AKA Coalition of Counties and is referred to elsewhere in this document as the Coalition of Counties.


Article ll. Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Coalition of Counties to strive to return America to a Constitutionally limited government, to promote Constitutional Conservative principles in legislation and education, and to promote fiscal and moral responsibility in government recognizing that morality is defined by the Judeo-Christian Word of God. The focus of the Coalition of Counties will be to systematically return the Tennessee Republican Party (TRP) to a true conservative party.  This process will be strategically focused on the replacement and/or removal of Local, County, and State elected officials who have not fulfilled their oath of office based on their voting record, legislation either passed or voted against and other actions which contradict true conservative values.  The election of conservative legislators and upholding the tenth Amendment is a paramount endeavor. In certain cases, the Coalition of Counties will aid in county and/or judicial elections as requested by members.


Article lll. Member Groups

Member groups are those groups represented at the first organizational meeting and those groups added later by a 2/3 majority of the voting member representatives. Member groups will be aligned with the conservative and Judeo-Christian beliefs of the parent organization.


Article lV. Voting Member Representatives

Voting member representatives make up the entire body of the coalition group. Members must be present to vote.  All votes are open and each individual County Representative present will be counted as one (1) vote.  Voting by Proxy is allowed however, email confirmation from any Executive Voting Member is required prior to any vote.


Article V. Meetings

Section I. Meetings of the organization may be scheduled by a vote of the group, by request of 1/3 of the member group, or as scheduled by the Chairman. The Chairman shall schedule meetings, arrange for suitable venues, and conduct meetings.

Section II. Requirements for a quorum shall be 75 percent of the total Executive Committee Members present.


Section III. Meeting notification shall be by E-mail or phone to all group leaders and members at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting date. Meeting notice may be less in extenuating circumstances.


Section IV. Assembled meetings will be the preferred practice, but telecom meetings will be allowed where time is of the essence. Votes may be taken via E-mail in certain cases, but should not be considered the norm; a certain amount of socializing is encouraged.


Article Vl.  Officers, Duties, and Election of Officers

Officers shall consist of four (4) officers including Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Election of officers shall be held at the first meeting following September 1 of odd numbered years. In the case of a vacancy, a special election shall be held in the meeting following such vacancy.  Duties and responsibilities of each position will carried out in accordance with Article X of Roberts Rules of Order Revised.


Article Vll. Member/group Expulsion

Members may vote to expel a member group for just cause or a voting member for violation of, or not adhering to the Principles described in the Coalition of Counties Mission Statement and By-Laws.  The vote shall be by Roll Call Ballot. Two (2) elected officers must individually count and report the vote to the assembled Coalition of Counties members. A 75 percent majority, in-person vote is required for expulsion. A member group may be expelled from the Coalition of Counties due to lack of attendance for three (3) unexcused absent consecutive meetings or by the group leaders informing the Chairman of their request to be excluded.  Members are expected to ensure the integrity of the Coalition of Counties and the security of the Mission.  Members may be expelled for failing to do so.


Article Vlll. Actions of the Organization

Section I. All actions taken by the organization, unless otherwise specified within these bylaws, including but not limited to statements issued or efforts decided upon, shall be by a 75 percent majority vote of the Executive Members present.

Section II. When speaking to legislatures, committees, gatherings or the press, on any issue, members will speak only for themselves or their individual groups and will clearly state this at the time. Official Coalition of Counties communications/positions will be conveyed through a delegate or delegates selected by a 75 percent majority vote of the Executive Member. All communications will reflect Coalition of Counties positions as determined by the membership in the course of their deliberations.

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