Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Coalition of Counties to strive to return America to a Constitutionally limited government, to promote Constitutional Conservative principles in legislation and education, and to promote fiscal and moral responsibility in government recognizing that morality is defined by the Judeo-Christian Word of God. The focus of the Coalition of Counties will be to systematically return the Tennessee Republican Party (TRP) to a true conservative party.  This process will be strategically focused on the replacement and/or removal of Local, County, and State elected officials who have not fulfilled their oath of office based on their voting record, legislation either passed or voted against and other actions which contradict true conservative values.  The election of conservative legislators and upholding the Tenth Amendment is a paramount endeavor. In certain cases, the Coalition of Counties will aid in county and/or judicial elections as requested by members.   By-Laws, Article II

Our Members agree to participate according to our GUIDING PRINCIPLES.


Tennessee Communities Joining Up in Grassroots Coalition

“We’re trying to create and unify the counties together to support the citizens of the counties and allow them to have their voices heard through our elected officials,” said Miller. “There’s so much of this nonsense of what’s going on. If you speak up and speak out, there’s retribution against you. Really what it is is we’re being stripped of our Constitutional rights.”

“. . . We want to create a positive relationship with our officials – we want to hold them accountable, but we want to praise them for the good work they do,” said Miller. “It’s not just about fighting them – we want to help them as well.”


-----taken from an article on April 3, 2021 by Corinne Murdock, Tennessee Star.   Tennessee Communities Join Up in Grassroots GOP Coalition to Hold Elected Officials Accountable - Tennessee Star